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Retro Gaming Mat

If your family is starting to get bored of playing the same old board games, we have an irresistible new gift especially for you. 

The Retro Gaming Mat is an enthralling new games console that is perfect for those competitive together with family or friends.

Retro Gaming Mat

Based on the best selling Retro Games Controller, the folks at Thumbs Up have created a brand new games console – powered by your feet!

With simple plug-in-and-play installation, this novel new video game console could not be easier to enjoy. Simply lay down the controller on your living room floor and let the fun begin! 

Designed for young children and grown up gamers alike, this novel new video game gift contains over 200 classic 8-bit video games including Star Fighter, Snake, Crystal Blast and Apple Chess.

With so many games to choose from, this is a gift that will truly keep on giving! It’s a great family work out as well, with standing up and jumping around a necessary requirement if you want to hit those high scores 

We think it’s an ideal present for competitive kids or dads who just can’t resist getting one over on the younger gamers of the family. The only question now is, who will prove themselves the greatest gamer of your family?



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