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Introducing The Prosecco Water Cooler

We sell a lot of Prosecco Gifts. But nothing quite like this.
We sell a lot of Office Gifts. But we've never seen this before!
This may well be the Ultimate Office Party Present.

When we saw images of the Prosecco Water Cooler for the first time, our jaws dropped!

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Originally dreamed up by The Metro, we just love the thought of turning this concept into an unusual present for any office party.

So that is precisely what we intend to do. Here is how:

The Watercooler

We start with the classic Watercooler. A mainstay of the office since the days of the 1980s.

Image result for water coolerImage result for water coolerImage result for water cooler

It seems hard to imagine this unassuming device as anything more then healthy hydration...but then comes the magic ingredient:

The Prosecco

Everyone's favourite sparkling wine.

Prosecco is often referred to as Italian champagne. However, it traditionally has a smoother, less bubbly finish then tradition Champagne.

The Prosecco Watercooler

The key to creating a Prosecco Watercooler is finding a 10L green bottle.

That sounds simple.

The reason for this is actually quite sound. As WaterCoolersDirect.com explain:

'It's important to use transparent bottles so we can clearly identify that the water is pure. With Green bottles, this can't be done'

However, there is one Canadian company who have pioneered the concept of 15L Water Bottles in Green Plastic. So revolutionary... it actually made the news!

Ice River Springs launches 15-litre green bottle for water coolers

So we have the Green Bottle. What comes next?

The Final Product.

Packed and ready to go. We now have a fully functional 10L Prosecco Bottle to fit to any Office Watercooler.

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So there you have it. A step by step guide to create your own Prosecco Watercooler.



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