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Gin Mayo - Our New Favourite Con-gin-ment

We all have a friend who loves mayonnaise on EVERYTHING. And we all know someone that collects and savours every drop of gin! (Ok, we admit it, both of those is us.)

Well now you can combine the two in one amzing new condiment - Gin Mayo. Guaranteed to intrigue foodies and gin lovers alike, this is mayonaise infused with gin!

Invented in Amsterdam by the famous 'Gin & Mussel' bar in the city, Gin Mayo is the perfect condiment for popping into someone’s Christmas stocking!

Gin Mayo is a deliciously curious blend of gourmet ‘Zaanse Mayonaise’, tomato puree and a hint of botanically infused Bobby’s Dry Gin (5%). It’s perfect for pairing with dishes including mussels, french fries, burgers, good old fish and chips, seafood and pizza.

It's a huge hit in Amsterdam, became popular right across Holland and you can get your hands on your very own tube of Gin Mayo right here in the UK.

Josh Shelter, co-owner of the Amsterdam restaurant Mussel & Gin said: “We experimented with many different gins at Mussel & Gin and for mass production we have chosen Bobby’s Gin, because it is a crazy spicy gin, which gives the gin mayo a good kick.”

we sent a tube of Gin Mayo out on to the streets of Plymouth’s Barbican, famous for it’s fish and chips and asked people their opinions. Take a look at the video below to see what they said.

If this has whet your appetiti to take the Gin Mayo challenge or you you know someone who will, pick up your tube from The present Finder here.


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