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Escape April Showers With Our Brand New Games

Easter is right around the corner which means only one thing, the countdown is on to prepare for the kids! Don't panic, this year they won't run riot, if you stock up on goodies and games from The Present Finder.

We know here in Great Britain unfortunately the sun doens't always shine, so we've made sure we have a huge range of indoor games for a rain day, perfect for escaping those April showers. All brand new and extremely exciting they're sure to become your new family favourites. 

Pass The Biscuits Game

Mums and Dads, what is better than popping the kettle on, putting your feet up and delving into the biscuit tin? It's certainly nice and relaxing at the end of a long hard day! Well you're in for a shock with the brand new Pass The Biscuits, a fast paced, family fun affair that ishilarious for all to play!

Using only your talents and skills can you guess what's on the biscuit? Hurry, guess as many as you can before the timer runs out. There's three funny rounds of describing, miming and thinking on your feet, so can you beat your opponents in this fresh take on a party game.

Suitable for four or more players this classic biscuit tin has 200 biscuit shaped cards and is available to buy now for £14.99.

Pass The Biscuits Game 

The Official Emoji Game

Get ready for a raucous, rolicking and riotous family game where emotions are sure to run high! Will you be the first to collect a full set of emotion cards? But beware, the devious action cards may hamper your progress in this hilaious game for all the family - yes, that even includes Grandma who has no idea what an emoji is!

Grab three to six players and get ready to collect a complete set of five emoji cards in your hand. Use the action cards to swap, pick on your opponents and attempt to win the hilarious all-play competitions. With everything from copy-right challenges to pretending you all now work in a drive-through, you're sure to be in stitches no matter whether you're winning or losing! 

Packaged in a compact pack perfect for playing on the go, The Official Emoji Game is available to buy for only £7.99.

The Official Emoji Game


The Unbelievable Truth Game

You may recognise this game from the hit BBC Radio 4 programme, but trust us, The Unbelievable Truth becomes even more raucous when it's played with a group of friends and family in your front room!

Can you smuggle the unbelievable truths past your opponents in a series of lecture and quick fire rounds... sounds easy, think again! There's only seconds to decide if something is fact or fiction, will you be able to guess if "all ducks are allergic to peanuts', or is "kadeisumiphobia is the fear of sandwiches"?

Grab two or more friends to play with you, with over 120 game play cards there'll be many rainy afternoon brightened up with some unbelievable truths! Available to buy for only £19.99.

      The Unbelievable Truth Game

Still searching for something different? Take a look at our huge full range of indoor games for a rainy day, just perfect for the Easter Holiday. Click here.


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