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25 Cheese Jokes You Will Love

1) Why is Christmas the cheesiest holiday?
Because of baby cheese-us!

2) What do you call a dinosaur made of cheese?

3) What is a cheese diet?
Eating curds and weigh!

4) Did you buy a lot of cheese today?
Yes, I bought a Tunworth!

5) What cheese can you use to clean your teeth?
Dental schloss

6) What happened when the air conditioning in the cheese factory broke?
There was a meltdown!

7) What is cheese without a cracker?

8) When shouldn't you believe a word your cheese is saying?
When it's too Gouda be true!

9) Did you hear the cheesy weather forecast?
Rain with light Bries!

10) Why did Lewis Hamilton have too much cheese?
Because he won the Grand Brie!

11) What did I do with my cheese handkerchief?
I bleu my nose!

12) Why didn't the cheese want to get sliced?
It had grater plans!

13) When can't you see a cheese?
When it's pasterised!

14) What does cheese say to itself in the mirror?
Looking Gouda!

15) What's a cheese's favourite TV channel?
The Brie Brie C!

16) What did Mr Cheese say to the shop assistant when she selected the wrong size dress for his wife?
That won't Feta!

17) What do they shout out at Pantomimes?
He's Brie-hind you!

18) What did the cheese say to the therapist?
I Camembert it any longer!

19) What does a cheese alcoholic call for?

20) I wanted cottage with my meal.
So I ordered from the a la curd menu!

21) What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho Cheese!

22) When should you keep an eye on your cheese?
When it's up to no Gouda!

23) How did the cheese paint his wife?
He Double Gloucester!

24) What do cheese markers dance to on Halloween?
The Muenster mash!

25) What did the piece of Cheddar say to the ghost?
I'm Lac-ghost intolerant!


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