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What can you buy as a gift for a tenner? A lot actually! Take a look at our selection of Christmas gifts all for under £10.

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Secret Santa Presents Under £10.00

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year! Festive spirit amongst children, Christmas songs on the radio, and the excitement that maybe this year will be a white Christmas. Families come together, workers begin to wind down for the Christmas break, and the holiday atmosphere increases every day we creep closer to the 25th.

At The Present Finder, Christmas preparations start early to ensure our little elves get everything to you smoothly in time for the big day, but that doesn't mean we don't get excited about the fun and games that everyone else experiences. We know we're on the home straight when our office Secret Santa is passed around for everyone to pick a name, and we all busy ourselves trying to find the perfect gift. There's one very strict rule however, we are not allowed to choose a gift from our website, which makes it extra hard as we have so many good choices on offer! 

Fun Secret Santa Gifts Under £10.00

Whether you're being cheeky with your present buying, looking for the show stopping gift that will make everyone else jealous, or after a lovely token that shows just how well you know your lucky recipient, Secret Santa is all about having fun. We've made sure our website is stocked up with an abundance of gifts under £10 to make sure this year is one to remember. Bring some sparkle to your party with a fun set of Monster Sparklers, or for a tasty treat everyone will want to try, gift our Set of Chocolate Spoons - they are the best accompaniment to a warming hot chocolate on a cosy winter evening in. Your lucky recipient won't believe you brought something so good on such a tight budget! 

Secret Santa Presents for Children

Secret Santa is a great family tradition that brings relatives together at a special time of year. Finding a present under £10 for children is an exciting task, as there's so much choice. From fun stationery, puzzles and games, stylish accessories to gadgets and gizmos the choices are endless!

For fashionable girls, they'll love going back to school after the winter break with a pencil case stashed full of stylish Lipstick Highlighter Pens. Meanwhile mischievous boys will have great fun spending the New Year playing jokes on unsuspecting family members with The Ultimate Prank Kit!

Office Secret Santa

Everyone knows that secret Santa in the office should not be taken too seriously. Choose your gift carefully and you'll have all your colleagues in stitches, or maybe the poor person receiving the gift flushing a lovely tomato shade of red! Just remember, don't be too mean, you never know who's going to be buying your gift!

If you have the entertaining task of gifting the office joker, take a look at our selection of novelty presents for secret Santa under £10. Take a look at the utterly hilarious, but rather practical How To Poo At Work Book. Or the classic Wonky Wine Glasses and Tipsy Tumblers which are perfect for those who can be found in the pub at  five minutes past five on a Friday afternoon! 


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