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Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Getting close to xmas and the office parties so don't forget secret santa. We have an amazing collection of scret santa gifts for him and her and them! We can help you find the perfect secret santa gift.

91 Items found
Beauty Hacks Book
The Movie Quiz Mug
Smartphone Microscope | Instant x 30 magnification
Beer Pong XXL | The GIANT Drinking Game!
Prosecco Bath Bomb | Double Indulgence!
Flat Man Bookmark
Ice Cream Socks | For Your Gela-Toes!
Hot Stuff Matchbox
Avocado Huggers | Fresh Food For Longer
Gameboy Notebook
Prosecco Lip Balm | For Super Soft Lips
Bacon Popping Candy | A Flavour Explosion!

Finding The Right Secret Santa Presents

I find that the same thing happens every year. The office party always comes around far quicker than expected and with that comes the mad rush to find the best secret santa gifts - you always want yours to be the best and create a little stir amongst your colleagues. I do anyway, so why do I leave it to the last minute?


Last Minute Secret Santa Gifts

Last minute secret santa gifts and presents are not a problem for us here because we can move your order to the front of the queue should you be under a bit of time pressure and equally if you're having trouble finding the right present then our customer service team are on hand to help you pick the right one! There is also a next day courier service so no need to panic.


Office Secret Santa

Office Secret Santa gift finding is a fun way of being able to embarrass your co-workers. In light of this we have some funny secret santa presents that will make the recipient a little hot under the collar in more ways than one! Keep an eye out for the chilli flavoured chocolate! If you're here looking for a secret santa gift then you're in the right place. Lots of fun, unusual presents that you will not find anywhere else!


New to Secret Santa? Here are some Tips

You might think that because i'm writing for The Present Finder that I have an easy time finding gift for secret santa. I do not. What I do have is some experience that I can pass on should you be new to the game and in your first job role.

Firstly you need to make sure you buy on or below the budget - usually there will be a max spend of £5 to £20, depending what industry you work in. I've heard some crazy stories about OTT secret santa parties... Another time.

Next, find a place to shop! You're here already. That was easy!

Now the tricky part. You need to find a product that ticks a series of boxes in order to create a flow of emotions for the recipient. These initially include suspense and intrigue. These can be brought on by the use of wrapping paper and shape of box. We have a smart gift wrapping service so you don't even need to get the sticky tape out!

Now the gift. This needs to be bought for their personality and/or part of their character you find amusing. It also needs to be nice enough to show you've taken the time, edgy enough to create a bit of stir so the recipient actually wants to find out who the Secret Santa was! If you've nailed these points you're well on your way.

Don't be boring - push the boat out and have some fun!

Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa Presents


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