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Gift Ideas for Real Men

Presents for Real Men

We have a huge range of gift ideas for REAL men, when we say real men, we mean men that work hard and deserve the very best gift ideas. From Firepits to Cufflinks we have a huge collection of presents that are sure to put a smile on your 'real man's' face!

Gifts For Real Men

Given that real men, by definition, are only interested in things that are loosely bound together by a vague notion of authenticity, it is difficult to know where to start. The idea of "real men" is something that far precedes history itself, when cavemen would fight tooth and nail to become the dominant member of the tribe, bragging that they own the fiercest sabretooth tiger and carving widescreen holes in the side of the cave to watch the pterodactyl race. Since then, very little has changed, and real men are still enticed by the idea of general cool things, and how to get more of them. At The Present Finder, we have some fantastic ideas.

Birthday Gifts for the Real Man

This is his birthday, so what could be more appropriate than booze? At The Present Finder, we have a range of fantastic bottles available, and often including clever, funny and interesting (surely what he aspires to be!) accompaniments. Try a personalised bottle of scotch, presented beautifully with a genuine newspaper from the day he was born for that touch of class. Elsewhere, a trio of three flavoured vodkas is a nice option for the big day.

If he's not a big drinker, or you think that perhaps he will have had enough, a personalised football history book is another fantastic, thoughtful option: you can select his team and have his name printed upon its pages, allowing him to revel in his love for football.

Christmas Gifts for the Real Man

Treat your real man to some cheese and port that he can keep as a special supply this Christmas, with our cheese and chutney box from Godminsters, and couple it with a personalised bottle. He'll be sure to love the bespoke labelling, and it will help him to cultivate an air of distinction in the process. If not, The Present Finder has some great lines of fun gadget gifts, like golf ball finder glasses, VR headsets and smart scissors that will cut through any material!


Other Gift Ideas For Real Men

Presents don't just have to be at birthdays or Christmases you know. Show him you care any time of year with The Present Finder. We have a range of smaller items - and indeed larger ones - that are perfect for providing a nice surprise. A retro games controller, for example, allows him to access 200 old school games and plugs into the TV and is a great one for when his presumably real men friends are over.

For something slightly more adventurous, you could send him on an introductory flying lesson, allowing him either a one-off adventure that he'll never forget, or an introduction into a fantastic and worthwhile - if somewhat expensive - pastime. If your man is more comfortable on land, an Aston Martin driving experience provides him with an opportunity to drive a Aston Martin around the track and pretend he's James Bond.

Whatever you need for your real man, and whatever the occasion, The Present Finder has the perfect present.