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Omersa Leather Animals

Omersa Leather Animals

Amazing gifts for all and it gets better with our omersa leather gifts. Start a new hobby with this gift collection of leather toys. Omersa animals make excellent keepsake gifts for the home, individually crafted just for you.

Omersa Leather Animals

Omersa Leather Animals are known throughout the world and have an incredible story to tell. Originally pioneered in 1927 when old Bill Omersa wondered what he could do with leftover scraps from Liberty’s Of London, the company’s unique leather footstools have become statement interior accessories sold globally.

Handcrafted in the UK from the finest top grain cowhide leather the manufacturing process remains true to its heritage and production is limited in quantity. While originally sold exclusively through Liberty’s of London from 1971 onwards the company has expanded with the result that Omersa’s Leather Animals are now stocked in prestigious department stores around the globe.

Here at The Present Finder we are proud to stock all of the best selling Omersa products which make superb gifts to decorate and enhance the home interior.

Omersa Leather Pig 

The Omersa Leather Pig is the original product and remains the best known of the range. Complete with curly tail, floppy ears and elongated snout, this cheeky little character makes an ideal footstool for the living room and combines well with exposed wooden flooring and carpets alike. Available in a range of sizes including medium, small and miniature, the Omersa Leather Pig makes an ideal home gift for a special someone who appreciates the refined household style.

Omersa Rhino & Elephant Footstools 

The Omersa Rhino footstool is a striking alternative to the classic pig design. Crafted with superb quality cowhide leather this colorful personality exudes confidence and charm with petite ears and statement horn detail. Equally comfortable roaming around halls and corridors as grazing in the living room, the Omersa Rhino is the ideal statement product for a truly memorable gift.

Perhaps the most flamboyant of the range, the Omersa Elephant is a veritable wilderbeast of the home. The most exotic choice of all the leather animals, we like the miniature size version which sits happily atop the desk or kitchen work surface reminding us of safari experiences in times gone by. A perfect memento for those who long for the lush landscapes, straight out of Africa.

Omersa Hippo & Dachsund Footstools

Not to be outshone by the classic pig or contemporary rhino, the Omersa Hippo ottoman is, in our humble opinion here at The Present Finder, the most comfortable of all the range with a warm, welcoming personality. Found near water in its natural habitat we like the idea of placing the footstool in the bathroom or kitchen.

Petite and full of energy, the Omersa Dachsund is the ideal gift for the dog lover in your life! Avaialable in standard and miniature sizes, man’s best friend is a perfect fit for the hallways or bedroom space. While compact in the size, this lovable critter exudes style and elegance making it our top choice for style lovers and the fashion conscious shopper.

For more information about our unique omersa range please do give our team a call on 01935 815195, we are always happy to hear from you and help you pick the perfect present for your loved ones. 


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