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Inexpensive Gifts Under £5

Presents Under £5

Buying on a budget a birthday gift or present need not be difficult! We have loads of gifts for under a fiver just for you. Funny gifts, unusual gifts and present ideas and all under £5.

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Gifts Under £5

Strapped for cash? Whether you're in need of a fun and unique birthday gift, or are just trying to cut back this Christmas, we offer an array of bargain gifts that are only £5!

Once upon a time, cheaper gifts were boring. A lack of cash meant an everyday block of chocolate, a pair of plain black socks, or, even worse - nothing! With our range of fun and quirky gifts, you would be surprised at how much joy you can get out of a fiver! Practical jokers will rejoice in our hilarious novelty gifts, whilst there's something a little bit special for the ladies in your life too.

Novelty Gifts Under £5

In a world where everyone has everything, it's sometimes hard to choose a gift that will make someone laugh or smile. When your budget is a mere £5, this challenge is multiplied ten-fold. Turn that frown upside down: it is totally possible to get a quirky and funny gift for under a fiver!

We offer a range of fun joke gifts that are the perfect present for the prankster in your life. For the biggest joker, opt for a cult classic, like a fart extinguisher or an electric shock pen. Mini pranksters will love water balloon duelling sets.

Christmas And Birthday Presents Under £5

When it comes to Christmas and birthday parties, the best gifts are often those that will provide instant entertainment. Fill a friend's party with hilarious memories with quirky costume gifts such as an inflatable hipster beard or a 'Queen for the day' crown. The lads will love a pop-up beer can or clip-on hoops.

Encourage everyone to be a big kid by gifting a hilarious party game. For family friendly parties, we recommend the 'Picture This' game. Feeling naughty? Adults will be giggling like schoolgirls at the likes of the beermat drinking game and the loaded dice drinking game.

If you're looking for a hilarious gift for the intellectual, no one will believe that 'The Wisdom of Prince Phillip' or 'Trumpisms' cost a mere five pounds. And if all else fails: go for the million dollar note! At least it will get a laugh!

Unique Gifts On A Budget

It's surprising what little treasures you can get with a fiver! We stock a range of useful little gadgets under £5 that will leave the reciprocate thinking: 'Who on earth came up with that?'

From the hilarious 'random crap' storage bag, to the crazy-useful mini car vent phone holder, there honestly is a gift for the person who has absolutely everything. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in novelty shaped chocolates, whilst the daring foodie can give the chilli bacon jam a go!

£5 can even get the classier lady in your life something lovely! Printed tea towels are sure to be a hit with Nan, and who knows, your mother-in-law might love an alcohol flavoured lippie.

Tongue-in-cheek 'card guides' are perfect for the characters in your life. Treat your dad to a bah-humbug card or give your fave party animal a cheeky 'hangover guide'. With over 70 gifts on offer, a fiver has never gone so far! 


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