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Unusual Chocolate Presents

Chocolates and Sweets

Chocolate gifts are a fail-safe gift, no matter who you're buying for! Our range of quirky treats is no ordinary confectionary, so step outside the chocolate box if you're shopping for something delicious for him or her.

From personalised chocolate bars for weddings to novelty chocolate pizzas there is something for everyone in our range whether you are buying for birthdays, a christmas present or celebrating a special occasion.

Shop our full range of chocolate gifts below:


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Guinness Mini Pint Chocolates

Guinness Mini Pint Chocolates

Edible Milk Chocolate iPhone

Edible Milk Chocolate iPhone

Set of 6 Chocolate Dogs | Labrador - Dachshund - Spaniel

Set of 6 Chocolate Dogs

3 for 2 Edible Milk Chocolate iPhones
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Edible Milk Chocolate iPhones

Chocolate Gifts & Sweet Presents

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you are more of a chocolate lover, you’ll find so many delicious suggestions from our Chocolate and Sweets gifts section that you may want to buy yourself a little sweet treat or chocolate present also! Resist the temptation if you can, but rest assured your present won’t go unnoticed.

Far from normal chocolate presents, all our confectionary gifts arrive from independent chocolatiers and small-scale suppliers meaning you can be sure of finding something truly unique in our Christmas selection box. Let’s take a look at some of our top tips for sweet gifts and chocolate presents online:

Beautiful Artisan Chocolate Gifts

Shopping for something for him? An artisan chocolate gift is sure to fit the bill. How about our themed White and Dark Chocolate Rugby Balls or wonderful Gardening Chocolates, as a special gift for the man in your life? Themed chocolates are great way to let him know that you care making them superb gifts for all occasions or as a simple token of everyday affection.

If you are shopping for a special lady we have beautiful Chocolate Dogs for animal lovers or tongue in cheek Queen of Awesomeness Chocolates for women who deserve to feel on top of the world. You won’t find these in your local supermarket or on the high street so rest assured they will make a great impression. 

Novelty Chocolates and Edible Presents

Novelty Chocolate Gifts are superb presents. Humorous and delicious all in one you wont go wrong with our Edible Chocolate Teapot which has long been one of our best selling all time gifts. Complete the present with our Edible Milk Chocolate Teaspoons to create a wonderful memorable present for a loved one.

Our Belgian Chocolate Pizzas are perhaps the most sharable of all gifts featured in The Present Finder Catalogue. Available in a range of sizes and loving crafted from Dark, Salted Caramel or Milk Chocolate these delightful chocolate creations are sure to draw a crowd wherever they appear. My personal tip: buy yourself a separate slice at just £2.99 for pre-present ‘testing’ before the big day.  

Personalised Sweet Jars

If you are shopping for corporate gifts or for someone with an especially sweet tooth you can’t go wrong with our wonderful personalised sweets. From Jelly Beans to Assorted Retro Sweets, this is a nostalgic gift that will take you back to your school days in style, however long ago that may have been! 

Alternatively if you are shopping for children personalised sweets are inexpensive presents with a wow factor that are loved by kids young and old. Even difficult to buy for teenagers and in laws will be delighted to receive sweets for a birthday or Christmas present so there is really no occasion for which this won’t make a wonderful gift.

Even More Gifts For Someone With A Sweet Tooth

You won’t be surprised to hear that sweets and chocolates are so popular that they feature across nearly every category of our website no matter the occasion or the recipient. So if you find yourself falling in love the suggestions on this page be sure to shop around for even more suggestions from The Present Finder.

Alternatively, why not drop our friendly team in Dorset a call on 01935 815195. We love to hear from customers, especially if we can go the extra mile to recommend the perfect gift for that final difficult to buy for person – after all, it’s what we do! 


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