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Unusual Gifts For New Homes

Whether it's a first home or moving on to pastures new, a housewarming gift is always appreciated. The team at Present Finder love a challenge and we've put together a collection of unusual gifts that we know you, and any new homeowner, will love to give and receive. From the quirky to the fabulous, you'll always find the perfect present at the Present Finder! 

Here's a few highlights - you can find the rest of the collection when you click on the Occasions tab.

Bogey Man Egg Separator Jug - £6.99

One of the grossest - yet greatest - presents we stock, this little fella has been a bestseller from day one and is guaranteed to raise a giggle in any kitchen. Just crack in an egg and watch the white dribble out in the most disgusting yet hilarious way. Kids love him, making him a great way to get them involved in cooking. 

Water Stones - £12.99

These smart little hand-blown capsules will literally help you get water from a stone! Perfect for the keen gardener, these clever little watering stones will drip feed your plants to keep them at optimum hydration - perfect for keen and forgetful gardeners alike.

Blue Gluggle Jug - £29.99

We absolutely love this, and if it's good enough for the Queen, then we think every home should have one too. It makes the most fabulous glugging sounds when you pour, thanks to the way that air gets trapped in the tail. Made in the UK, the gluggle jug is as useful as it is beautiful because you could use it as a vase, or somewhere to keep your kitchen utensils, too. Plus, it's available in white.

Sunrise Mindful Alarm Clock - £19.99 

Such a thoughtful and unusual gift for a new home, this alarm clock wakes you up gently by gradually filling the bedroom with light as sounds of birds song or the ocean play in your ears. What nicer way to wake up in a new home

Rechargeable LED Bottle Light - £9.99

These rechargeable LED lights are brilliant in more ways than one. Just stick the cork in a bottle and watch it light up - Bombay Sapphire bottles look particularly good! And when you want to recharge, just plug into a USB charger. Perfect for upcyclers, design enthusiasts and a perfect alternative to candles for summer evenings in the garden. 

Digging Dog Garden Ornament - £24.99 

No present guide would be complete without Digger the dog! At the Present Finder, we think he's a suitable present for any celebration, but he's perfect for the garden of a new home, adding some fun and personality immediately. Still one of our bestsellers, he's one of our original and much-loved gifts and you can use him as a doorstop, too! 

We have hundreds of gifts suitable as housewarming presents, from fun mugs and tea towels to beautiful wall art and personalised gifts. They're all on our easy-to-use website, or you can give us a call on 01935 815195 and the Present Finder team will be happy to help!


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