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Super Hero Mermaid Saves Drowning Cow

We had a good giggle this week as our exclusive Mermaid Swim Tails have made a real splash in the news and ended up being featured on the BBC and in newspapers! So the story was that a swimmer saved a drowning cow whilst wearing a mermaid swim tail. If you too fancy getting in on the aquatic super hero action then check out our range of swim tails. The Mermaid Swim Tails themselves are all made from a high quality, super stretchy fabric and neoprene with a strong, yet flexible inner core. They actually simulate swimming in a fishy, or rather a mermaid fashion. So just like in real life, where sea creatures flex their entire bodies to create movement, the swim tail replicates animal fins with a clever patented through flow system to help you glide through water. How cool!

Mermaid Tail 1

If you are interested in the news story part then here are the highlights... The lovely 35 year old Lindsay Cole AKA The Urban Mermaid, was on a 200 mile route along the Thames to raise awareness of the environmental effects of single use plastics when she discovered the drowning cow. She and the support team raised the alarm and the cow was safely winched back to land!

Mermaid Tail 2

Did you know that the mermaid swim tail can actually get your body beach ready for next year too? It helps to tone and develop excellent muscle definition across your core as well as increase the strength of your swimming. So if you are someone you know is working towards the body beautiful, this could be the perfect gift!

It comes in a range of fantastic colours and sizes, so whether you and 6 or 60 years old you can both enjoy mermaid dreams this Christmas. With a colourful rainbow design, the Mermaid Swim Tail goes with every colour swimming costume and bikini top, perfect for mixing and matching with your swimwear to take on holiday too. However, if you are not the wild swimming type like the amazing Urban Mermaid then they are perfect for swimming pools too!


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