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Say ‘I Lava You’ this Christmas!

This year’s trending present may take you by surprise. But don’t erupt with lava when we tell you what it is! It’s a rock with a plant growing out of it.

That’s right, a rock, with a plant! But this isn't just any old lump of rock, this rock emerged as lava from a red hot from a volcano and now there is an extrodinary plant growing on it. People are going crazy for it this Christmas!

In recent years houseplants have become a staple of interior design and a must have on-trend addition when it comes to home decor. But rather than just another boring cactus or succulent, this is something truly different that is bound to get converstaion started.

The lava stone provides support, moisture and nutrients to Lava Plant Davallia, which 'embraces' the lava with its roots. It's a special natural combination! Love it or hate it, with its bright feathery foliage and sinister roots, it's a plant of two halves!

This pretty fern also has a dark secret which is only revealed when grown on lava! Its amazing, spider-like hairy legs are a real talking point; fuzzy rhizomes that give it its common name the 'Squirrel's foot fern'. These rhizomes form a lovely contrast with the darker lava stone and the bright green leaves. By continuously producing new 'feet' with bright green leaves, Lava Plant Davallia grows into a compact, bushy plant.

Lave Plant Roots

Easy to care for this plant just requires a brightly lit spot out of direct sunlight and for the tray to be with water where the porous rock will soak it up and water your lava plant.

We think you’ll find this present is even better than that other Christmas treat, Lava Actually! Ok - enough with the puns…

This would make the ideal gift for all green fingered family and friends, or simply an addition to your home.

Available to pre-order now the Lava Plant Davallia will be delivered from mid-December.


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