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11 Gifts To Say I'm Sorry

It takes courage to apologise when you are in the wrong. Sometimes arguments can seem so trivial but cause so much upset. So if you need a creative way to say I’m sorry, we have gifts that will make everything better.

Whatever happened, here are 11 unusual gifts that will help put things back to normal: 

Chocolate Prosecco & Strawberries

Nothing says I’m sorry like condolence chocolates so send her our novelty chocolate Prosecco and strawberries if you have been a bad boy recently.

King For The Day

If you have an upset husband or boyfriend to appease, consider making him King For the Day with an inflatable crown to say I’m sorry your majesty!

I Love You More Than Chocolate

A chocolate apology gift with a personal twist! Declare your love for him or her with an affectionate personalised chocolate bar. 

Relaxation Spa Day For Two

Sometimes arguments just boil over from a little too much stress and frustration. So set things right again with a pampering present for you both with our spa day for two. 

Eat17 Bacon Jam

The way to a man’s heart has always been through his stomach. So if you’ve been naughty and need to apologise, consider our best-selling bacon jam from Eat17, the perfect gift for a bacon-loving male 

Prosecco Bath Bomb

Let the argument simmer down as the prosecco bubbles over with our wonderful prosecco themed bath bombs. Pair with a glass of bubbly for the perfect apology.

Friends Are Cheaper Than Therapy

Sometimes best friends fall out and say terrible things to each other that they don’t really mean. So if you need to say sorry, our friends are cheaper than therapy book will help you rediscover the value of that close friendship! 

These are just a couple of simple suggestions for I’m sorry gifts that we think will help you resolve difficult situations and put things back how they were before. For even more inspiration, take a look at our friendship gifts for wonderful gift ideas for everyday occasions


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