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Stocking Fillers for Girls

Stocking Fillers for Girls

We think your Christmas Stocking is THE most important part of Christmas Day....the anticipation of hearing Father Christmas deliver them, the waking up early on Christmas Day (not too early guys!) the first feel of the stuffed stocking, hearing the rustle of the wrapping paper while trying to work out what each shape could possibly be. Deciding if it is too early to take it into Mum and Dad's bedroom or would they mind if you started opening it now, and finally the delicious feeling of slipping each present out of its tight cocoon and unwrapping it. Jokes, games, toys, books, sweets, chocolate, puzzles, tricks, cosmetics, drinks, socks, novelties, cards, hankies, mugs, clothes, stationery - the list is endless and we have it all! In fact - maybe WE are Father Christmas?!.

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